Sidewalk Shed Rental & Installation in Brooklyn

The use of sidewalk sheds becomes mandatory when having construction or renovation 40ft above grade level in Brooklyn. During the construction and renovation of every towering structure, these structures provide an extra layer of protection to the pedestrians passing from beneath. Besides the use of sidewalk sheds is also mandated by the New York Building Department.

Sidewalk sheds are not usually required for long periods because they are to be removed once the project is finished. That’s why opting to rent sidewalk sheds is a better option, helping you save a significant sum compared to buying them.

At Brooklyn Sidewalk Shed and Scaffolding, we have been proudly serving the residents of Brooklyn with quality sidewalk shed services. With our extensive range of quality sidewalk sheds, we ensure to cater to you with the best services for all types of projects. From the best craftsmen to the best services, we are the place to offer it all. As a service-oriented business, we meticulously perform our job to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.


Sidewalk sheds play a pivotal role in providing safety to pedestrians and workers from falling objects and debris near an elevated construction site. Usually, sidewalks and sheds are not required for a long period, so renting them is the best option instead of buying them. At Brooklyn, we have a wide range of sidewalk shed rental options, we cater to every sort of project whether construction or renovation. Renting our sidewalk sheds provides you with the following advantages

·       No Upfront Cost: Renting sidewalk sheds prevents you from the upfront cost associated with buying them. Hence, keeping the project cost under control.

·       Flexibility: Our scaffolding rentals can be easily customized to match your project’s duration. Allowing you to have sheds only for your specified time. Hence, saving both your money and the problem of storing them.

·       Maintenance Cost: With our rentals, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of these structures. Ensuring that your focus remains on the project at hand.


Apart from renting, we also excel in the design, assembly, and installation of these temporary structures. With our team of experienced and skilled professionals, we ensure sturdy installation, thus, removing all your woes related to construction safety and DOT compliances.

From foundation to roof, we meticulously inspect every single aspect of these structures, making sure to remove any defective components. Thereby, making no compromise on safety. By entrusting us with your project, you benefit not only from the expertise of our team but also from a thorough evaluation that ensures the reliability and safety of every component.

Quality features in our services

From mud-sills to beams and plywood, every component of our shed is sourced from top-quality manufacturers throughout the USA. Thus, leaving no room for any compromises on safety. This meticulous approach guarantees the reliability and strength of our sheds, creating a secure environment for construction sites. By leveraging modern technology in our services, we provide efficient and quality installation services. This commitment to leveraging technology ensures that our installations meet the highest standards

Timelines and pricing structure

At Brooklyn Sidewalk Shed and Scaffolding, we realize the importance of time in every construction and renovation project. Apart from protecting pedestrians and other construction workers, it also saves you from DOT fines and penalties. With our on-time and efficient installation services, we ensure minimum disruption and timely completion of your project.

Service Benefits and safety standards

Availing our services gives you complete legal cover and protects you from local authorities. With our strict adherence to all local codes and regulations, we completely assure you of services that are in line with legal authorities with rules.


At Brooklyn Sidewalk Shed and Scaffolding, we put great emphasis on providing services that are stress-free and legally compliant. We prioritize punctuality, safety, efficiency, and a client-centric approach in our services. Our services approach involves the following

1. Punctuality and Efficiency

From initial to final consultation, we aim to provide timely services aimed at meeting all your required deadlines.

2. Customer Centric Approach

We consistently emphasize providing the best for our customers to gain their satisfaction. Our approach involves meticulous planning and execution to create a secure environment for pedestrians, workers, and the overall construction site.

3. Transparent Communication

We believe in having transparent communication at every stage of the project. From discussing your project’s needs to providing clear timelines and pricing structures, we keep you informed at every step. This transparency fosters trust and ensures that there are no surprises along the way.


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At Brooklyn Sidewalk Shed and Scaffolding, we stand out as the leading provider of premium scaffoldings and sidewalk sheds in Brooklyn. Boasting a rich legacy of over 15 years. Whether your project is of a smaller scale or large scale, rest assured, our scaffolding services are tailored to meet your needs.

  • Our Core Values: For more than 15 years, our unwavering commitment has revolved around delivering safety, reliability, and durability. All this with a singular focus on achieving the utmost satisfaction for our valued customers.
  • Our Mission: From our very inception, our mission has been to deliver sidewalk shed services of the highest caliber, aligning seamlessly with both local and international codes and regulations. From the initial design phase to meticulous assembly, we are committed to catering you with the best.
  • Experience Matters: With a wealth of experience spanning over 15 years in the industry, we’ve acquired a unique insight into the distinctive landscape of New York and its boroughs. This profound understanding enables us to execute even the most intricate jobs with seamless precision.

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With a team of proficient and highly-trained experts, we take pride in the fact that our professionals hold professional certificates from renowned training institutions. These include certificates from prestigious bodies like OSHA and NASP (SSS).

Beyond their impressive portfolio, their wealth of experience in the industry positions them as seasoned experts who are intimately familiar with all the essential prerequisites for ensuring safety.

With a thorough understanding of industry standards and best practices, our team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to safeguarding everyone involved in the project. This collective expertise along with a commitment to excellence, highlights our dedication to creating a secure and protected environment for every facet of your project.

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