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Protecting your property in Brooklyn, New York is no easy feat, especially for locations such as construction sites, public or private events, or traffic management. A robust solution is essential to mitigate these challenges.

 All these urban challenges can be effectively tackled with jersey barriers. They are versatile barriers specifically crafted to efficiently tackle challenges such as traffic management, and protecting the premises of a construction site or any event.

If you are looking for premium quality jersey barriers whether for renting or purchasing then look no further! Brooklyn Sidewalk Shed and Scaffolding is the premier providers of all types of jersey barriers for sale and rent. Boasting over a decade of experience, we excel in providing an extensive range of jersey barriers specifically tailored to meet the unique challenges of Brooklyn. From plastic to concrete jersey barriers, our collection has it all.


From crowd control, and site protection, to redirecting traffic, we have jersey barriers that can fulfill all your needs. Our collection of jersey barriers includes the following:



Our concrete jersey barriers are meticulously crafted from 4000lb concrete, imparting exceptional strength. This quality makes them invaluable for all your protection and security needs. Their robust construction ensures reliability in various applications, including access control, crowd management, construction site safety, traffic management, and space management. Consequently, they stand out as an ideal choice for safeguarding your property’s perimeter.



Known for their versatility, these jersey barriers stand out due to their lightweight nature and ease of transportation. Offering water-filled barriers crafted from high-grade polythene, these hollow structures can be effortlessly assembled on any premises. This allows for flexible shaping as needed and subsequent filling with water or sand, enhancing their overall sturdiness and stability. Therefore, allowing them to be shaped as needed and subsequently filled with water or sand, boosts their sturdiness and stability.



Made from high-grade polythene, our plastic jersey barriers guarantee both sturdiness and robustness. These barriers find their primary application in small-scale projects where cost-effectiveness is crucial. Additionally, they serve as a versatile alternative to concrete barriers, significantly reducing the risk of injuries and fatalities in work zones.



Crafted with cutting-edge design, our concrete K-rails serve a multitude of purposes, ranging from sidewalks and property separations to parking areas, events, parks, and various security and protection requirements. Their unique design positions them as the optimal choice for managing heavy traffic lanes effectively. Moreover, their forklift knockouts facilitate easy relocation to the desired location, enhancing their flexibility and convenience.



Constructed from galvanized steel and high-carbon iron, our metal barriers serve as excellent temporary solutions for restricting access to specific areas. Their versatile characteristics make them suitable for various settings within Brooklyn, seamlessly adapting to diverse events and construction sites. Given their capacity to conform to any perimeter shape, these barriers stand out as the preferred choice for individuals seeking temporary solutions.


Recognizing the need for individuality in Brooklyn’s diverse landscape, our barrier solutions extend beyond mere functionality. If you are looking to purchase jersey barriers for your business or company then we also offer customization of these barriers.

These customization options allow businesses and projects to align barriers with their branding needs. These customizations can transform these simple barriers into great marketing mediums for spreading your message. Personalized barriers not only enhance visibility but also serve as communicative tools, seamlessly integrating with the unique identity of Brooklyn.


At Brooklyn Sidewalk Shed and Scaffolding, we boast a rich history of unwavering commitment to providing safety with quality and our customers’ satisfaction. With years of experience, we have gained a thorough understanding of Brooklyn’s unique landscape and the challenges it offers. Thereby, we offer services that are immune to all these unique challenges, offering you nothing but seamless services.

Whether you want to buy or rent jersey barriers, we are your go-to partner for every jersey barrier service in Brooklyn. Moreover, with our years of quality services, we have become the trusted partners of Brooklyn residents, leaving no stone unturned to earn the satisfaction of all our customers.


Our jersey barriers are a commitment to the highest safety standards and strict adherence to all the local codes and regulations. We have a thorough knowledge of all New York codes and regulations regarding jersey barriers and perimeter security. Therefore, providing your services that are legal and free from all sorts of hassle.

Furthermore, our barriers are crafted to uphold security even in the most rigorous conditions offered by Brooklyn’s landscape. The structural integrity and reliability of our barriers are key components of their design. Built to withstand the rigors of Brooklyn’s environment, our barriers provide a dependable safety measure that you can trust.

Brooklyn’s diverse landscape demands an attentive approach to safety. Our barriers act as guardians of public safety, providing a robust defense against potential hazards. Whether it’s redirecting traffic in construction zones or managing crowds during events, our barriers are designed to mitigate all sorts of risks involved. Thus, prioritizing the well-being of the public.


Here are the steps involved in our rental and installation process

Client Consultation

 Our process begins with a detailed consultation, gathering crucial event details from the client, including type, size, and location.

Needs Assessment and Quote

 Based on the gathered information, we assess the client’s needs, determine the required jersey barrier quantity and type, and provide a comprehensive quote covering rental, delivery, setup, and additional services.

Reservation and Contract

 Upon quote acceptance, the client confirms the reservation by signing a detailed rental agreement or contract specifying key details like the rental period, delivery date, setup requirements, and terms and conditions.

Logistics Planning

We meticulously plan delivery and setup logistics, coordinating with the client to determine the optimal time and, if needed, assisting in obtaining necessary permits for barrier placement.

Delivery and Setup

 On the agreed-upon date, our expert team delivers and efficiently sets up jersey barriers according to safety standards and client specifications, minimizing disruption to event preparation.

Event Monitoring and Support

 Throughout the event, we offer monitoring and support services, including regular check-ins, on-site staff presence, and responsiveness to client requests for barrier arrangement adjustments.

Dismantling and Retrieval

 At the event’s conclusion or the agreed rental period, our experts coordinate the dismantling and retrieval of jersey barriers, ensuring safe removal and collection.

Quality Check and Documentation

 A final quality check ensures jersey barriers are in good condition, and comprehensive documentation, such as a completion report or acknowledgment of return, is provided to the client for their records.


Renting jersey barriers from Brooklyn Sidewalk Shed and Scaffolding is preferable for most projects, offering advantages over purchasing, especially for shorter-term projects. These advantages include


Flexibility is the biggest advantage of renting jersey barriers. you can rent all types of jersey barriers only for the duration of their project. Thus, saving them from the unnecessary hassle of storing such equipment after the completion of the project.


Renting a jersey barrier can save you from incurring the upfront costs associated with purchasing them. Thereby, reducing your initial project expenses and keeping the overall project within your budget.


When renting jersey barriers, you don’t need to worry about their maintenance. The rental company is responsible for maintaining all the equipment. Therefore, resulting in a reduced cost spent on maintenance, helping to keep overall costs under control.

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